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What is the stress cycle?

Our lives seem to be getting busier and busier. We are rarely seconds away from technical communication or entertainment. This is no bad thing in many ways as we have such choices and ability to get things done immediately at our finger tips, but signing out is hard and many people are literally getting stuck in the stress cycle.


Stress can work wonders for us; saving us from a falling tree, coming up with an answer to a difficult question or presenting to a large group of people. The ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome is often activated in situations like this where we feel a surge of excitement or fear. The sympathetic nervous system takes over and adrenalin and noradrenalin are released from the adrenal medulla. That’s why we hear our hearts thumping in our chests so that our muscles can work faster and our minds can think more quickly. These are good and essential responses, but there are always knock on effects of changing the balance in our bodies. Stress whether for good or bad reasons also causes are hormonal system to release mineral corticoids and glucocorticoids which again help us immediately but over a sustained period of time puts serious strain on the body and can cause degenerative effects.

Symptoms of the stress cycle: Weight gain, thinning of the skin, water retention, muscle wasting, spiking blood sugar, more prone to infection, allergies, yeast infections, mood swings, sleep disturbances, irritability, exhaustion and more seriously loss of bone density and cancer.

This sounds like a description of an ageing individual. When we are out of balance a system may start to malfunction and this then has a knock on effect on another system and another condition is presented and the stress cycle becomes more severe.

 How to break the cycle:

We can create boundaries and add ways to help us relax and switch off the sympathetic nervous system and switch on our para sympathetic nervous system. Complementary therapies such as massage and reflexology can really benefit our bodies balance.

  • Simply by lying back and closing your eyes for your treatment allows the body to naturally start to relax and you will breathe more slowly.
  • The circulation will be boosted and this will help refreash all the systems of the body. Muscles will feel more energised. Joints will feel more flexible. Toxins and waste will be encouraged to leave the body via the lymphatic system. Therby improving our immunity and helping us to feel more active.
  • Muscular tension that can cause headaches, period pain, feelings of exhaustion and aches and pains can be released.
  • As we relax our digestive system will work more effeciently. This could help with a wide range of symptoms from IBS to lack of appetite.
  • Endorphins are released through touch and pressure helping to break the pain cycle, to balance mood and sleep patterns.

By making time for yourself and using complementary therapies to relax and break the stress cycle will help you to cope with our busy lifestyle.  Read more about different treatments here.

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