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After trying on my first pair of skorts today(running shorts and skirt hybrid) I realise it is time for some summer toning.

A great way to help improve over all skin tone especially to troublesome areas is to use pure essential oils in a carrier oil (such as Sweet Almond or Grapeseed) as a body moisturiser. Try this daily alongside a balanced diet, keeping hydrated and regular exercise and you should see and feel the difference.

Aromatherapy body oils are a brilliant way to moisturise the skin, smell wonderful, inprove skin and muscle tone and also lift your mood and energy levels.

Detox Body Oil Recipe


An ultimate detox blend would be fennel, geranium, juniperberry & grapefruit. They are great lymphatic cleansers, diuretics and muscle cleansers. Great for cellulite, water retention and overworked/heavy muscles. They are also good at balancing the appetite and by inhaling the aromas you can feel less inclined to comfort eat. Grapefruit and fennel are also cleansing for overworked minds or burning the candle at both ends.

When you massage your body oil in to your skin, try rolling motions with your hands towards your heart to improve the blood flow to that area of the body, kneading and knuckling can also be helpful to improve skin and muscle tone, but only work to what is comfortable.

Detox blend 100ml of carrier oil (Sweet Almond, Grapeseed…)

Use up to 40 drops of essential oils in your preferred combination such as:

12 drops Grapefruit

8 Sweet Fennel

10 Geranium

10 Juniperberry

Have fun blending, massaging and feeling cleansed and toned!

Always buy your oils from reputable companies such as Neal’s Yard Remedies or Materia Aromatica who use organic, sustainable and smaller farms to source their essential oils and carrier oils.


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