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Did you know that carrier oils such as Jojoba are similar to the natural oils of our skin? That means that body oils made from pure carrier oils can be absorbed through the skin and depending on the blends chosen can provide many skin nourishing benefits to heal, maintain and enhance healthy skin. I will blend you your own unique body oil to use as a moisturiser or massage oil from a blend of carrier oils with or without essential oils to provide you with the health and beauty properties that you need.

I only use high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced oils.

Contact me for a consultation for your own Top to Toe Health and Beauty Body oil blend. Each blend will be individually priced depending on the oils chosen (from £8). This can be via a phone consultation or as part of your treatment.


Locations & Contact

Treatments and small baby massage classes (up to 5) are offered at a Private Studio in Corsham.

Larger baby massage classes (up to 12) and workshops are at Yoga Bodhi in Central Bath.

07880 730 867

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